MyFacePrivacy: Freeware to manage Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn privacy settings

Youth today is rushing to participate in their social networks through their PCs, laptops, and Smartphones where they can meet their friends in the virtual world of the internet. It is actually something you cannot ignore. Millions of people all around the world create their profiles on the leading social networking websites and share their personal details with hundreds and thousands of friends and with many strangers. While all the social networking websites offer privacy settings but a few snags can lead to as identity theft.

Manage privacy settings of social accounts

One need to be very sure about the privacy settings while using the social networking websites especially when young users create their online profile and share personal information like pictures, home addresses and other sensitive details exposing themselves to various risks. While PrivacyFix lets you control Facebook, Google & Linked accounts, Facebook Privacy Watcher helps you control Facebook privacy settings, and Facebook Privacy Scanner scans your Facebook security settings, My Face Privacy is a freeware that lets you control the privacy of your social accounts right from your Windows desktop.

CallingID, a leading safe-browsing software provider, recently launched MyFacePrivacy, a free social network privacy protection tool to help you out with the privacy issues on social networking websites.myfaceprivacy3

My Face Privacy is an advanced application which can help users to customize privacy settings for various social networks. It helps you to manage your privacy when you are using social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn. Also, this program helps parents to limit or censor their children’s Internet usage. This is a lightweight tool and gets installed on your PC within a few minutes.With this free tool, you can control the privacy settings of all your profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

NOTE: While the program launches on your PC, make sure you select the desired destination folder and uncheck the box which offers to change your default homepage and search engine. myfaceprivacy1

The main overview of the program shows the built-in privacy levels which include Maximum Privacy, Recommended Privacy, Minimal Privacy, and Restricted Privacy. myfaceprivacy4

It allows you to customize the privacy settings completely. You can change the settings related to your post from the ‘Privacy’ tab. You can decide who can contact you or see your posts on your social networking profile.myfaceprivacy5

The ‘Tagging’ tab allows you to decide who can tag you in their posts and also who can see the posts on your timeline. Furthermore, you can also customize how people use your info to apps they use.

The ‘Personal Info’ tab lets you restrict people to view your basic details, your languages, relationship status, work & education, your living and your contact details.myfaceprivacy6

With My Face Privacy, you can also customize the way ad networks behave on your social networking profiles. You can restrict the ad networks to send you annoying notifications.

The privacy settings options are different for all three social networking websites – Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. There might be fewer options for Google+, Twitter or LinkedIn, as compared to Facebook.

MyFacePrivacy analyzes your Facebook privacy settings, Twitter, Google+ privacy settings and LinkedIn privacy settings and helps you edit it in an explicable and simple way. Adjusting the settings carefully will prevent you from unintentionally exposing your personal details to unwanted people.

MyFacePrivacy free download

With more than 65 different settings for Facebook, 20 for Twitter and LinkedIn, this freeware helps you avoid the potential risks of social networking. It also includes a built-in parental control feature to ensure that children are not exposed to inappropriate content on the web. You can download the freeware here.

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  1. This app gatherers more personal info that I’d like to share, and with blue chip companies not really protecting customer data, how can a small team of developers protect against a massive hack? It would be devastating as there would be so much info available. I’ll keep my eye on this though because it could be a great tool for the many people tho get lost with these sites privacy settings. But I think they need to make it clearer on their home page that they are secure and use SSL and Multi-Encryption.

    Just my thoughts.

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