My Review: HTC HD7 Windows Phone 7 device


  1. Thanks for the review Anand, been debating over this phone and to be honest there aren’t any (real person) reviews on the phones so far. The reviews so far have all seemed a little more like advertising rather than real life experience.

  2. Nice! More screenshots pl.
    Also add more practical tips (its + and – ) as you start using it more.
    WP7 difficult to find in Europe ? You had any oth choice or only 1 model available for WP7?

  3. Hi vasudev, Its the “unlocked’ WP7 phone that I am referring to and did not find. All that I came across were tied up with some service provider or the other. I only found this unlocked HTC HD7 model at Phone House.

  4. Yes that’s right, unlocked ones only else you wont be able to use it here. And screenshots like the one with the stand. I have seen this in their ads, sites but real pics by user makes it different. πŸ™‚
    Now u can review various apps also in future that will make it interesting.

  5. Anand, Nice review. I saw HTC Mozart recently and most of the people grabbing Mozart and other over HD7,most of them said HD7 is big and not comfortable to keep in hand and talk, do you experienced something similar?

  6. No, Vikram, not at all! I do not find it too big to hold in the hands.

    And thanks for your comments Mad Geek, Ramesh Kumar and vipul πŸ™‚

    OK. I will try to put a few more screen shots tomorrow!

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