My Review: HTC HD7 Windows Phone 7 device

While on vacation most of this month, I was lucky enough to find an unlocked HTC HD7 in Phone House, on the last day of my stay in Paris. I did not get one in London nor did I expect to get one in Paris, but when I did see an unlocked WP7 at Phone House, Paris, I decided to grab it at 599 Euro.

I was not used used to Touch Phones, since I was moving on from a Nokia E50 to a Windows Phone 7 and I did face minor discomfort in handling a Touch Phone.

But the HTC HP7 made the job comfortable for me! It is not exactly small and hence made it easier for me to handle. It measures 122 x 68 x 11mm and weighs 160 gm. Its glossy black looks are really classy and Windows Phone 7 sure looks good on it! Its screen measures all of 4.3″ diagonal (480×800 res) making it the largest screen on a Windows Phone 7 device. It dominates the front of the phone leaving only a little space for the 3 mandatory buttons required of a Windows Phone; the Back button, the Home (Win Flag) button and the Bing Search button. The capacitive LCD touchscreen offers multi-touch capability and the display is pretty sharp and bright.

Actually since the Search button caters only to the internet search, I do not really use it frequently. It would have been great if the Search also included stuff on my phone! It would then probably justify its place in the front! And every time I hold the phone in my right hand, even if my palm so much as slightly touches, the right bottom corner edge of the phone, Bing search opens up. Is the Search button too sensitive? Or is it just me!?

Its edges are tapered giving it a real sleek look. On its sides, you have the volume button and the camera button for its 5MP dual LED flash Camera (with a 720p movie mode). At the bottom are placed a  USB power/sync port and a headphone jack.

For all its sturdy look and feel, I find the back cover too flimsy and thin. Every time I have to open the cover to access the battery or the SIM card, I am scared and pray that I do not break or crack it!

Its battery life is claimed to be 6 hours talk time, and upto 14 days standby time. As a moderate phone and SMS text user I find that I have to charge it every day, since the battery gets almost over by the end of the day.

HTC HD7 runs on 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon with 576MB of RAM. It offers no option to expand the 16GB storage using memory cards, but I guess 16GB should be good enough for me.

Its sound quality and ability to pick up and keep a signal is also good.

Its HTC Hub, which you access from the home page offers HTC-specific apps, like the Weather app, Stocks, Currency Convertor, Photo Enhancer, Sound Enhancer, etc. The HTC weather gadget is the show stealer, however!

At the back, near the camera lens, is a stand. You can pull out the stand, and make the phone stand horizontally, which makes for some cool cinematic style viewing.

As I said, I am still getting used to a touch phone in general, and a Windows Phone in particular, but Windows Phone 7 operating system sure feels responsive and snappy on the HTC HD7.

Expect to read my posts on what I like / dislike about the Windows Phone 7 operating system, followed by some  WP7 tips and troubleshooting tutorials, over the next few days.

Any WP7 or HTC HD7 users here? Would you like to comment or share your experiences here?

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