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My Family helps manage kids’ app and game purchases in Windows Phone

Kids of the 21st century are much ahead of us. There is absolutely nothing which can stop them for using mobile phones. The genius kids want all the latest apps and games, which of course takes a toll on your wallet, a lot of times! And if your kid has a Windows Phone, it is quite obvious that the fun and game apps would compel them and they would download them every now and then! How you wish there was a way you can limit their purchases and keep a tab on your kid’s purchase activity on the phone?

My Family saves your wallet and kid from unwanted downloads

Well, there is now and it’s called My Family and it makes sure that your wallet is safe, along with your child, from those unwanted and unsuitable downloads. After setting up the ‘My Family’ feature on your kid’s Nokia Lumia Windows Phone, you have the full authority of keeping a tab and controlling the app or game purchases by your kid. This feature helps you to authorize whether or not your kids can buy app or games and if yes, when are they allowed to do that and what kind of game ratings they can access.

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How to activate My Family

Activating this feature is pretty simple and needs to be done within your Microsoft account & My Family section and not your mobile phone. Once you login to your own account, you will be asked to enter your kid’s login credentials. Please note that for this feature, your kid needs to have a separate account. My family gives you the options to add more than one child and another parent, so that your partner can also keep a tab on your kids’ app buying activity.

Within the kid’s account settings you will see two sections, i.e. App + Game Downloads and Game Rating Filter. Here, you can choose between the options Allow Free, Paid, Allow Free only (this will avoid the in-app purchases as well) and Don’t Allow (turns off downloads completely). Besides these options, you can also change the game-rating filter. On the other hand, if your kid plays Xbox games on their Windows Phone, you need to visit the Xbox website and accept the Xbox Terms of Use on behalf of your kid.

So, I think people with little ones should definitely make good use of My Family feature and take control of those unnecessary bills. Do share your views with us after using My Family.

Source: Nokia.