List of ‘Must Have’ apps for Windows Phone 8

With a lot of Windows Phone 8 powered devices being unveiled in the market, the interest in Windows Phones is on the rise, and with it, the introduction of new apps in the Marketplace, which gets updated daily. In order to make the most of your phone, apps play a significant role. Here is a list of few apps, which will add cheese to your phone usage.

Must have apps for Windows Phone 8

WhatsApp Messenger

Reaching across every mobile platform available, Whatsapp Messenger finally reached Windows Phone 8. Everyone must be well aware of it as it is a multi-platform mobile platform which allows you to send unlimited messages, audio notes, photos, contacts for FREE! All you need is a data plan.

Price: FREE! for the first year and $0.99/year after


MetroTube is the best YouTube app I have ever seen for the Windows Phone platform. It is better and faster than the native YouTube app available. With this app,  YouTube takes advantage of Metro UI and runs in a super smooth, clean, simple and easy interface. There is a ‘pre-load’ option for offline playback, which can be viewed later; also the fast-resume feature allows to get back into the app without reloading it entirely again.

Price: $0.99


Evernote is a powerful could-based multi-platform note-taking app. Making the best of Metro UI it can take down notes, short audio clips, pictures and organize them. An award-winning app which you will use to note your everyday task for easy recalling.

Price: FREE


Netflix app offers you service to watch latest TV episodes or movies on your phone anytime anywhere. All you need is monthly Netflix membership to avail the service. You can also get one-month free trial service if you are first time user – but Netflix is restricted to few countries only.

Price: FREE

µTorrent Remote

µTorrent Remote is a remote control app which allows you to control your µTorrent downloads running on the PC. In case if you are away from your home and forgot to resume the torrent downloading, you can resume it using this app. It provides features like Add, remove, start, stop downloads on your home computer. In addition, you can shift completed downloads to your Windows Phone device for local playback.

Price: FREE


Skype for Windows Phone is similar to that available for iOS and Android. It features free Skype to Skype video and voice calls as well as send instant messages over 3G or WiFi network. Alongside it also offers to call to mobiles and landlines with Skype credits.

Price: FREE


AppSwitch is a simple, yet useful app for those who have switched to Windows Phone from other platform. This app finds your favorite app on the Microsoft Store, and if it is not available then finds an alternative to the original app. Its simple and very useful app for the newbies to search hassle free for an alternative app.

Price: FREE


Did you listen to the song but could not identify it? Just launch SoundHound and let it hear the music, it will identify the title, artist, lyrics and also provide you with a purchase link from Zune Marketplace.

Price: FREE

PDF Reader

PDF Reader is an easy to use app developed to interact with your PDF files. With this app, you will able to bookmark pages, search within the document, ability to view documents in a single page mode or continuous mode and resume to the last page where left off.

Price: FREE

XBOX SmartGlass

XBOX SmartGlass connects with your XBOX 360 console and works as a remote control. This app replaces your physical Joypad and can control TV shows, films, music, navigate through the menu and type on the console.

Price: FREE.

Did I miss any of your favorites? Do let me know.

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