: Share and discuss your ideas online is an online web application that helps you enhance your teamwork, visually. This application helps you in building, not only an idea, but also some exciting ways to share and implement it with your team. It lets you visualize and discuss your ideas in the form of pictures, videos, and links, etc.

First, you will need to sign-up for an account. There are two types of versions available to start with – FREE and PRO, respectively. If you wish to explore some of its advanced features, you can anytime switch to its PRO version. Once you get inside, you will find another two options to start with – Murals and Rooms, respectively. Let’s try to understand these terms first. A mural is an online wall that lets you creating multimedia objects on it. i.e. pictures, videos, icons and lines, etc.

You can also invite others to help you getting your ideas done, effectively. So, what is room? A room simply contains a group of your murals. Once you have a room, you don’t need to invite members to each one of your mural. You just need to invite members to your room, and they will get an instant access to every mural present inside that room. You will need to have a PRO account for creating rooms.

Creating a new mural:

– Find an option called “Create New Mural”, and click on it:

– Now you will need to add a title to your mural. In case you are a PRO user, you can pick your room where you want to create your mural. Once done, click on “Create Mural” to go to the next step:

– Now it’s time to invite members to your mural. You can choose from either your address book or by importing your Google contacts. Once done, simply hit “Send Invitations” to finish.

– Here is your dashboard. Now you can add different types of media elements on it. At the left side of your screen, you will find different types of objects to add i.e links, images, documents, text boxes, sticky notes, icons and lines, etc.

Here, I have created a sample mural for The Windows Club. Let’s check it out:

Visit to play with your ideas right inside your browser and let us know your experience!

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