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Guide to setting up Multiplayer Gaming on Windows Network

This post is meant for new Gamers and will talk about how to set up multiplayer gaming on a Windows Network. After reading this tutorial, you can simply go ahead and arrange a gaming party with all your gamer friends and I am sure you’ll really enjoy multiplayer gaming! So let’s see how to engage in multiplayer gaming on a Windows PC.

Multiplayer Network Gaming on Windows

Multiplayer Gaming using a Router

Things you’ll need: A Wireless router, Windows PC, and a Game, of course.

This way is basically for those who own a Wireless Router. In this method you can connect all your other PCs or laptops to a single router and any one of you can host a server and others can join it. A router mostly comes with four empty LAN ports (for PCs without Wi-Fi) but remember you can connect unlimited Wi-Fi Devices to the router. Some routers come with an in-built feature, that lets you create a LAN server, for e.g. I own a Belkin Standard Modem cum Router and it has this feature in-built.

The other way to do it is:

That’s all now you can play all your favorite multiplayer games with this method, using a Router.

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Multiplayer Gaming – Non-Router Way

Thing’s you’ll need: A Windows PC with internal Wi-Fi, an Internet connection and a Game.

This was a simple tutorial guiding you how you can enjoy multiplayer gaming on your Windows PCs.

Now go arrange a Gaming Party and enjoy yourself. Happy Gaming!