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At some point in time, we all must do some video editing to create that one perfect video for an event. Not having the right tools will not only make this process difficult but rather a never-ending one. Most of the people will agree that Windows Movie Maker was a perfect tool for very basic day-to-day video editing. But since it is no longer available, we’ve found a similar tool available on Windows Store. Movie Maker is a free Windows Store app that lets you create beautiful videos without much knowledge of video editing.

Movie Maker for Windows 10

Movie Maker is a free 3rd-party app available on the Microsoft Windows Store that can help you carry out the basic edits on your video & movie clips like joining, splitting, rotating, trimming, merging, editing along with 30 transition effects for photos & videos, image filters, 30+ fashionable fonts for subtitles.

You do not need to be a professional to use this tool. The tool is super simple to use, and it has been designed keeping in mind the casual audience. Most of the features are free and are readily available but for some extra features and video effects, you will have to purchase a Pro version. This review covers only those features that are offered in the free version.

Movie Maker is an all in one tool that not just supports video editing, but also lets you add images, audio and title clips to your videos as well. To start making a movie, you can add the raw clips recorded from your camera. Once you’ve added the raw clips, you can use the timeline below the preview pane to adjust the order of videos. The timeline has been neatly designed and does not seem complex to use.

Video Editing

Once the videos have been arranged in order, you can start editing them individually. To edit a video, click the video in the timeline and then click on the pencil (edit) icon. Movie Maker offers good video editing features. To start with, you can trim the video by adjusting the sliders given just below the preview. Once you have taken out the right section of your video, you can proceed with further editing.

If you need multiple sections from one video, just add the video to the timeline multiple times and then trim desired sections from it. Moving on, you can rotate the video if it is not in the correct orientation. And then there is an option to add Blur Filter as well. Movie Maker lets you select the Frame Layout which adds a very good effect and makes the video more presentable.

Apart from that, you can adjust the video’s audio track volume. This comes handy when you want to link multiple audios with a video and want to adjust their volume levels separately. Movie Maker also lets you add transitions to your video. There are around 3-4 standard effects available in the free version and are more than enough for a normal user.

Movie Maker free for Windows 10

Other than transitions, you can add captions, emoticons and sound clips at any point in the video. Start time and duration on screen for all such elements can be easily adjusted. There is an inbuilt library of sound clips and emoticons that can be used. But you can always add custom images and audio from your computer.


So, this was about video editing. As mentioned, the program also lets you add static images to your videos. You can use the same Add Clip button to add images to the video. You can decide the image’s duration, crop it and add custom text to it. Again, Movie Maker includes an awesome collection of fonts that can be used to add text to videos and images. The program also lets you add effects and filters to your image. There are a lot of filter effects available within the free version. Similarly, you can add transitions to images as well. All the transitions are unlocked for images in the free version.


Now coming to the audio part, videos do not look well without a good soundtrack in the background. Movie Maker comes loaded with around 10 soundtracks each of around 2 minutes length. You can select any one of these soundtracks or add custom music from your computer. Audio works in the same fashion as videos do. You can add audio files to the timeline and click open them to edit.

You can trim the audio files and effects like fade in and fade out. Other than that, you can set their volume level individually. The only feature that seemed missing to me was that you cannot add audio files on top of each other. Thus, not being able to mix audio from different files.

Once you are done creating your movie, you can preview it before exporting it. Or if you would like to continue with your work later, you can save this as a project and reopen it later. The free version lets you export the video files only in 720p, full HD is supported only in the Pro version.

Movie Maker makes a great video editing tool that is simple to use and gets the job done. You can use it to make movies for any event that you went to or any other occasion.

Click here to download Movie Maker. It is a 3rd-party app developed by V3TApps.

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