More Tips & Tricks for Internet Explorer 9 to help you browse in a smarter & faster way

You may have possible already read our earlier Internet Explorer 9 tips and tricks post. Here are a few more IE9 tips which help you you surf the internet in a smarter, faster and more secure way.

Pin Sites.

Pin sites which you frequently visit.  This will help you access a lot of the websites right from the Windows 7 taskbar easily. A recent study has also revealed that people who pin sites “Read 34% more, and stays 57%  longer”. To know how to do it just check out this link.

Use the Compatibility View when required.

Run older site in compatibility view for better viewing on IE9. To run site in compatibility mode, click this button.

The button marked allows you to run websites in compatibility  view. Older websites work really fast when you try this.

Manage add-ons.

Click on Tools then on Manage add-ons.

You will find a list of various add-ons and accelerators which have been installed on your browser. It shows the load time and navigation time on the basis of which you can disable an add-on you want. You can learn more on that here.

Use Accelerators

Use Accelerators to improve the loading time of important sites like Hotmail in your browser. More on this here.

Use Tracking Protection

Use Tracking Protection, it will help you to stay away from fraudulent sites and controlling what third party sites can track while you are online. More on this here.

Use Smart Screen filter

Turn on Smart Screen filter. To do this go to tools then safety then turn on smart screen filter. If you are looking for details, click here.

Just try out these tips and let us know what you really feel!

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