Knas Restarter: Free and Portable Process Monitoring and Restarting Tool for Windows

Earlier, online game servers used to crash frequently. The problem soon led to the development of Restarter, a tool that could automatically restart programs and applications if they were closed down accidentally.

Only later, did developers realize that people were using Restarter for monitoring and restarting different server applications too. This encouraged them to focus the development at a wider user base. And as of today, the same tool has become a generic monitoring, restarting and notifying tool for many applications.

Knas Restarter is a free portable process monitoring program for Windows. The tool ensures that your critical programs are always up and running.

How to use Knas Restarter

  • Download and install the application (installer or portable)
  • Once the application has been downloaded and installed successfully change its default monitoring settings, if required.
  • Then, select one of the currently running Processes to Monitor
  • Set the Monitoring Options and specify the Actions that should be performed for the monitoring session
  • Now, set the Restart Parameters and start the Monitoring. A click on start begins the monitoring of the process in the selected interval. You can change the monitoring interval from 60 seconds to another value. When done, save the final settings
  • Also, the Restarter has an option to log and raise alarms on critical events. To do this, a user just needs to check the option which says ‘Sound’. So, whenever an application you are monitoring gets hanged up it will give you a sound alert.

If you want you can create a ‘Restarter Monitored Shortcut’. It is advisable to create a program shortcut that loads the monitoring program with all selected parameters.

How to create Restarter Monitored Shortcuts

You can do this either by:

  1. Creating a Shortcut within Restarter – After you have started the monitoring of a process, a “Create Shortcut” option will be available. Click on this button to generate a ‘Restarter Monitored’ shortcut. Soon a dialog window will show up on your computer screen prompting you to specify a location where the shortcut should be saved.
  2. Manually Building a Shortcut or command-line argument – A valid shortcut contains 4 parameters, where “parameter 0” is the Restarter executable file itself. Separate each parameter by a ‘SPACE’. Please note that any path that contains a space must be double quoted. To get an idea about how a valid shortcut command-line is built check the example below.

Knas Restarter Features:

  • Portable program. Includes all files in a single directory
  • Ability to Restart a program, in case it crashes or is accidentally shutdown
  • Ability to kill or terminate a monitored process if gets hanged for a longer duration becomes unresponsive
  • Options to play a selectable sound when process fails
  • Options to start your application with a shortcut and automatically have it monitored with Restarter

Knas Restarter is compatible with Windows 7 and can be downloaded from here.

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