Missed Features Installer for Windows 10 allows you to add the dropped features

Missing some of those old popular features from Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 after upgrading to Windows 10? Missed Features Installer or MFI is a free to use application that will let you add the missing, removed, dropped or deprecated features from older versions of the OS to Windows 10.

Missed Features Installer

It has always been an issue of debate whether to or not remove any features from older versions when a new version of Windows OS is launched. Each of these Windows versions has come up with numerous new features. However, when the Windows OS version is upgraded to a newer version, most of the features from older version are discontinued. Wherein it’s a good thing most of the times; some users want to have these features even in newer versions of the OS. Normally, it’s not possible to get those features back in the latest versions; but Missed Features Installer will help you get those features such as games, apps and tools even in the newer versions of Windows.

Missed Features Installer for Windows 10

Simply put, Missed Features Installer or MFI can bring back the deprecated features for you. For example, those who were using Windows Vista, missed many features of it when they upgraded to Windows 7. Some of these features were Quick Launch Toolbar, DreamScene and Media Player taskbar toolbar, which were no more with Windows 7.

The same was the story with Windows 8. Windows 8 was a complete makeover of Windows 7. The first thing users missed was the Start Menu button. However, it was brought back in Windows 8.1. However, there were still some features such as Desktop gadgets, Aero Glass, Windows Experience Index and some legacy games from Windows 7 are no more seen in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

How to use Missed Features Installer

Installing and using Missed Features Installer is pretty straightforward. However, the only drawback this tool has which is its size. The MFI tool’s size is more than 500 MB, and its considerable time to download. Apart from that, using the tool is quite easy.

After downloading the tool, you can see its home page as follows:

Missed Features Installer

Different tabs on the home page lead to different features which can be installed on your Windows 10 PC, such as Start Menu, Aero Glass, different Gadgets and Games from XP, Vista or Windows 7. Missed Features Installer also lets you install the .NET Framework version 3.5 also. Other tools on the home page include Visual C++, Windows Media Center, Destroy Win Spy, Install My Language, RSAT and several more.

Missed Features Installer

The process to access these tabs is simple. For example, if you wish to install Start Menu on Windows 8, then simply click on ‘Start Menu’ tab. The tool installs the Start Menu on your machine.

Missed Features Installer

If you wish to have those good ol’ games, then click on ‘Games’ tab. The tool will install all your favorite games from previous versions of Windows to Windows 10.

Missed Features Installer

Now you can see following games on your PC, thanks to Missed Features Installer. Remember these games?

Missed Features Installer


The tool is simple and installed all those old features that are no more present in Windows 10. While there may be valid reasons why these old features were deprecated in Windows 10, those of you who want them back may download the tool from the official website <Link removed as project has been taken down for some reason> of Missed Features Installer. Remember to create a system restore point first, before using it!

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