Detect Mirai injection attacks with Mirai Vulnerability Scanner

Mirai botnet is a distinctive threat to IoT security. Mirai Vulnerability Scanner will probe all devices that share your TCP/IP address & see if your Network hosts a device vulnerable to Mirai injection attacks. For the sake of simplicity, Mirai is a malware that identifies vulnerabilities in an IoT device and then exploits it for malicious activities like DDoS attacks. This scanner will help you identify if any such vulnerabilities exist on your device.

Mirai Vulnerability Scanner

Mirai Vulnerability Scanner

Malware has been knowing for their notoriety all along and new malware is spotted very often. The Malware is known to be very specific when it comes to their purpose and most of them are engineered to bypass the usual layer of network security. This time around let’s take a look at Mirai (stands for Future in Japanese!), this particular malware can infect any networks but it usually cripples the Linux and turns it into remote controlled bots.

These systems can further be used to participate in a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack and as you might have already guessed the attack usually happens in large scale. Mirai as a vulnerability has been targeting Internet of Things, including routers, CCTV cameras and perhaps a lot of other smart devices connected at your home. Remember the recent takedown of Dyn DNS services which eventually made several websites hosted from Europe and North America? Well, that was Mirai Malware handiwork.

Protect yourself from Mirai malware

Mirai malware can be used to create a large network of bots that can exploit the vulnerability and cause a havoc. While you might not exactly figure out as a typical target to the malware but it’s always better to scan your network. If you have installed a bunch of interconnected devices at your home the scan only becomes more necessary.

Incapsula has been readying tools to protect your network and systems from malware invasions and while most of their offerings are not free the Mirai Vulnerability scanner is free. First things first let try to understand what falls under the vulnerability bracket. According to the folks who created Mirai Vulnerability Scanner, the device is vulnerable when it can be remotely accessed by making use of the passwords in Mirai dictionary.

In order to patch the vulnerability, change your login credentials, disable unnecessary remote connection options and try rebooting your device. Before proceeding with the troubleshooting ensure that you have scanned your network using the Mirai Vulnerability Scanner.

The Scanner Couldn’t Identify the device on your IP Address

If you get the following error there exists two possibilities, one your network might be affected by Mirai and perhaps it’s blocking the access to your network the other is that your router needs to be restarted. Well, I got the same error and rebooted the router before connecting it to my laptop. I ran the test once again and even this time the scanner couldn’t access the device, what this means is that the device is safe from Mirai injection attacks since the remote access ports are closed.

Incapsula also offers a varied degree of protection from Malware attack and if you are a web publisher it might help going through their catalog of offerings. In the meanwhile, I personally maintain the same ritual when it comes to warding my system against malware, scan it with an anti-malware, avoid opening scrupulous attachments, be careful before you grant access to websites/extensions and always ensure that you have all the stuff backed up, just in case.

Go here to scan your IoT device.

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