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Accelerate or Fast forward YouTube Videos quickly with Mini Fast Forward

While playing videos on YouTube, I often skip its unwanted portions. However, in doing so, I face some problem. When I try to fast forward a video, it starts all over again. This completely ruins my experience. After some hours of hunting, I was able to find an application of interest. Mini Fast Forward is a simple extension for Google Chrome browser that allows you to zoom ahead when viewing Netflix, YouTube and Facebook videos with a single key press.

Mini Fast Forward for Chrome browser

The Chrome extension gives users complete video player controls for online video sites such as Netflix, YouTube, and Facebook. If you ever come across a situation where you need to accelerate, fast forward or quickly run through an online video without starting the video all over again, give Mini, a try.

Car maker Mini recently rolled out an offering for Chrome called Mini Fast Forward. As the name suggests, it allows a user to quickly run through a video. All the user has to do is press the S key on the keyboard.

What’s the speed rate? Well, the extension offers 0 to 1-minute videos in just 7.15 seconds.

The downside of the application use is that each video you watch via it gets a Mini logo watermark in the upper-left-hand corner of all compatible videos. Disappointingly, there’s no visible option to disable it.

Apart from the above, Mini emits the sound of an engine revving every time you press the S key. Fortunately, there’s a way to disable this feature.  To turn off the feature, simply click on the Mini icon visible in the right of the address bar. Then click on the volume icon in the extension’s interface to turn it off.

Although the extension appears to be a bit buggy for fast-forwarding YouTube videos, it works well for Facebook videos, which take unusually long time for buffering.

Interested users can download the extension and continue their affair with simple keyboard shortcuts.