Microsoft’s New Re-imagined Wonder Touch Mouse is now available to buy Online

When Microsoft announced this amazing mouse for the first time, the headlines said  After decades of dependable point-and-click service, the humble mouse is getting a makeover. The result is introducing Windows 7 users to a new way of interacting with their PC.

This new Touch Mouse will be combining multi-touch gestures with the pinpoint control of the humble mouse. The whole concept involves reimagining the mouse and with its make over the outcome is the new Touch Mouse.

The new Microsoft Touch Mouse amalgamates the virtues of the old familiar mouse with multi-touch gestures. The Microsoft’s conventional mouse has been continually optimized since 1960’s.

Scott Rockfeld, the director of product management for Microsoft Hardware mentioned that the new Microsoft’s Touch Mouse offers the millions of people using Windows 7, a natural way to navigate the operating system. Accordingly it is also expected that the new intended mouse will be available in the stores by late September as it is already available online.

Now the users of Windows 7 can feel the control of their PC on their fingertips with the use of latest Wonder Touch Mouse.

A researcher with Microsoft Research, Hrvoje Benko, who himself has been a part in the development of the Touch Mouse said; “The Touch Mouse lets users do everything they’re used to doing with a mouse, such as point and click, but adds multi-touch functionality that helps them navigate Windows 7 easier and faster with a flick of their fingers”.

Watch the Touch mouse in action:

The new Touch Mouse specially designed for Windows 7 is now available to buy on all major Online Stores all around the World.

Touch Mouse is available to buy from $59.99 to $79.99 based on your geographical location.

For more information, visit the official product website.

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