Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800 Specs Reveiw

Reliable, ergonomically simple and durable, are three words that perfectly define Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800 combo. This combo from Microsoft is the best alternative for those who are not willing to spend more than $25. At such a low cost, Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800 is a really good performer. However, there are some flaws that cannot be ignored. Read below to find out more about this budget keyboard + mouse combination from Microsoft.

Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800 doesn’t live upto its name in first impression, thanks to its simple design. Wireless keyboard has off-white matte finished base resembling to that of Apple keyboards. This glossy finish offers little attractiveness to the keyboard but it is highly susceptible to scratches and fingerprints. Run your fingernail slightly over the surface and a permanent ugly scratch will stay on it forever.

Keyboard is inclined in the middle with keys placed too close to one another. Though it doesn’t create much interruption during typing; one might find it difficult to adjust too quickly. An inch of gap on either side could have been utilized to spaciously place the keys but alas it is wasted. It lacks space between backspace and Insert key or even right Control key and left arrow key, which can lead to lots of typos and thus frustration eventually.

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Being a desktop combo, Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800 lacks function keys. However, Microsoft has provided dedicated keys for play/pause, calculator and other functions. Shortcut keys for most commonly used functions like media player or browser would have been a better option. Spacing issues and lack of dedicated shortcut keys for frequently used functions push Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800 down in the list of budget combos.

Mouse of Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800 is very responsive and easy to use. It reacts to the slightest of movements and when left idle for sometime, it goes into standby mode; saving battery life. Scroll wheel also performs exceedingly well and thankfully rough usage doesn’t affect it much.

Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800 uses AA batteries for the mouse and AAA batteries for keyboard. This combo offers excellent battery life with 15 months in case of the keyboard and 8 months for the mouse. These stats are much higher than similarly priced combos from other manufacturers.

Price of Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800

Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800 is a descent combo available for the price of $24.95. Indian users can avail this combo for 1800 INR. You can directly buy it from Microsoft or any third party vendor.

If you own this combo, let us know your experience in comments below.

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