Microsoft Wireless Desktop 2000 Keyboard-Mouse Review


  1. How does the battery indicator works? What kind of battery and how many required in Keyboard & Mouse? Is there a scroll wheel provided in mosue?What’s the life of keyboard battery?

  2. Its a nice choice if you are looking forward to buy this combination. Keyboard uses two AAA batteries and mouse uses two AA batteries. Battery indicator turns green at first time and remains switched off if battery health is good. When batteries are about to get emptied, a continuous red light indicates that. Yes, mouse features a scroll wheel. Unfortunately, both keyboard and mouse have poor battery life of around 2-3 weeks depending on usage.

  3. With 2 AA batteries, mouse must be quite heavy? Yeah, the life of batteries is very Important. Else have to use rechargeable ones.

  4. With a good set of batteries (Duracell) I get roughly 1 year out of the batteries in the keyboard and mouse. The keyboard actually lasts longer than the mouse (> 1 year).

  5. I get 2 weeks on a set of batteries, so could it be that I have a faulty mouse? I have never replaced the keyboard batteries, but the mouse eats battery power at a ferocious rate!

  6. this is standard with this mouse. my average is about 3 weeks. turning off doesn’t help much. that’s why i just switched to rechargeable ni-mh batteries.

  7. Matt, can you confirm that your mouse lasted a full year on one set up batteries? It seems exceptionally long.

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