Microsoft Wireless Desktop 2000 Keyboard-Mouse Review

No one can doubt the build quality and performance of Microsoft peripherals. They are solid and trustworthy and usually stand what they claim for. Microsoft Wireless Desktop 2000 is a combination of Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse. However, there are some properties of this duo that are very different from all available Desktop Combinations in market. Read below to find out what is in the pack.

When it comes to wireless transmission and reception, there is always threat to security. The very first and probably the most important and unique feature of Microsoft Wireless Desktop 2000, is that it attacks this issue directly. To provide users a sense of security, the Redmond-based company has offered AES 128-bit Encryption. To put in simpler words, when someone types on wireless keyboards, signals travel through air to reach wireless receptor on the other end. During this travel, keystroke spies might get into your data stream and decode it to use maliciously. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) tears apart this possibility promising secure data transfer.

The Keyboard of Microsoft Wireless Desktop 2000 is glossy with textured black matte finished surface of palm rest. Microsoft claims it to be pillow soft but its as hard as any plastic palm rest out there. Being ergonomically simple, Keyboard 2000 has no extra curves. It has dedicated multimedia keys and Windows 7 shortcut keys. A battery indicator makes sure that you never miss a track of battery life. Though it’s not very attractive and curvy, Microsoft Desktop 2000 keyboard has its glamour in simplicity and lightweight structure.

The Mouse of Microsoft Wireless Desktop 2000 is full-sized. If you prefer reduced size mice, this may not be a choice for you. It has thin rubber side grip that is hard to detect separately from plastic body. There are no side buttons but the regular three buttons are present on top. Its specialty lies in its ambidextrous nature.  The mouse can be easily used with both hands. With the help of BlueTrack technology it is easy to use this mouse on any surface.

The Receiver of Microsoft Wireless Desktop 2000 is a surprising element, thanks to its size. Rather than being nano or pico sized, this combo features full size USB receiver. The Battery life of mouse is a disappointing factor. It lasts hardly two weeks despite of using on/off switch whenever necessary.

If these two factors are disregarded, for $49.95, Microsoft Wireless Desktop 2000 is really a worthy deal. For Indian customers, this combo is available for 1599 INR. Our readers can buy it from official Microsoft website.

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