What is Microsoft Windows 10 Signature Edition?

For users planning to buy a new Windows 10 PC, completely devoid of bloatware, Microsoft has an answer – Microsoft Windows 10 Signature Edition! This new line of PCs represents a stripped-down version of Windows that is stronger, faster and specially tuned for performance.

Microsoft Windows 10 Signature Edition

In typical boxed computers that you get from the retail stores, you could find multiple toolbars, spyware and other unwanted programs occupying the sizable amount of your hard drive. They may display popup notifications at regular intervals, prompting the user to either buy the premium version or subscribe to it. The reason why these PCs are bundled with additional software is that most manufacturers earn when they install the trial versions and even when customers pay to activate or upgrade the trial software.

Microsoft Windows 10 Signature Edition

Microsoft Windows 10 Signature Edition, on the other hand, deliver a “clean,” optimized PC. The specially-configured PCs are manufactured by major PC makers such as HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, and others, under its Signature brand at its physical and online Microsoft Stores. Users get the same computers, from the same companies, however with one big difference – no Crapware!

The testing done by Microsoft has shown overall improvements in the PCs running Signature, compared to those without. The tests were done on the exact model of PCs with identical hardware configuration. This suggests Signature Edition PCs are capable of delivering a better Windows experience.

You can browse and choose from a wide variety of laptops, desktops, tablets, ultrabooks, convertibles (2-in-1 PCs), and all-in-ones. Moreover, the experience of buying a Signature PCs from Microsoft Store is different from the retail/electronic store in a way that you are not pressured into buying a service contract and weeding out all the unwanted programs that ship with your PC.

Microsoft felt the desire of creating the Signature Edition program as a direct response to frustration from customers who assumed Microsoft was solely responsible for the bundled software.

Earlier, Microsoft did not have a way to restrict manufacturers from including bundled software sold anywhere else. As such, it had to bear with PC manufacturers business tactics. With the rollout of Signature edition PCs, it seems the software maker has the situation under its control.

The easiest way to get the Signature PC is to visit a Microsoft Store. If there isn’t a Microsoft Store near you, you can order one directly from Microsoft.

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