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Download whitepaper from Microsoft on A Safer Online Experience

Microsoft has released a white paper named “A Safer Online Experience” recently. The web has enhanced and changed our lives in nearly every way by connecting us to the people and information we care about as well as by keeping us entertained. It has built many an online businesses too. However, as a consequence, online crime has risen in turn.

A Safer Online Experience

The white-paper covers the following topics:

  1. How Internet Explorer 8 Helps You Stay Safer Online
  2. How Cyber Criminals Operate
  3. Protecting Against Attacks
  4. What Can You Do To Be Safer?
  5. Blocking Malicious Websites.
  6.  Social Engineering Attacks
  7.  Websites Offering Free Games, Movies or TV Shows
  8.  Phishing Attacks
  9.  Protecting Against Attacks On Your Computer
  10.  What’s a Drive-By Attack? 

You can download the PDF document from the Microsoft website by clicking here.

Worth a checkout.