Microsoft triggers Android rage on Twitter

Innovative it may seem as Microsoft decided to gift 5 Windows Phone devices to folks who come up with unique (maybe funny) experiences regarding the malware on their Android phone. Ben Rudolph, Windows Phone evangelist from Microsoft, popularly known as Ben the PC Guy, earlier announced that 5 Windows Phone handsets are up for grabs. Catch: tweet about your Android malware experience with the hashtag #droidrage.

The result was the outcome of some hilarious tweets and some really serious ones (it was felt many already smashed their android devices in their tweets). Ouch! After getting a confirmation from Microsoft about this giveaway being a legitimate one, one must be surprised that there were some 3,200 stories about #droidrage and they still cease to stop.

Among these, there were some very funny ones while others spewed anger. A few of them which caught our interest are highlighted below :

Did we hear some praise for Windows Phone? Yes. However, the one which took the cake was by our fellow TWC author Lee Whittington :

You can yourself check out all these stories by following the #droidrage hashtag on Twitter. Though the competition time might be over, but the tweets do present a different side of the Android coin.

Have any Android malware experiences to share!?

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