Use Microsoft TellMe voice and speech recognition on Windows Phone

Windows Phone lets you use voice to operate and perform simple but useful tasks on your Windows Phone. Using this feature you can make a call, redial, send SMS text messages, call your voicemail, open an application, search the web and more.

To turn on Speech, press and hold on the Start Windows Flag button for a few seconds.

Windows Phone Voice Commands

To call someone from your contact list : Say: “Call” followed by the contact name.

To call any phone number : Say: “Call” followed by the phone number digits.

To redial the last number : Simply say: “Redial”

To send a text message : Say : “Text” followed by the contact name. You can next dictate and send the message—hands-free.

To call your voicemail : Say: “Call voicemail”

To open an application : Say: “Open” followed by the applications name. You can also say “Start”. Try it with Calendar or Maps to begin with.

To search the web : Say: “Search” followed by the search term. Alternatively you can also use “Find”.

If you are already on a call, you can use Speech to carry out the following tasks.  Press and hold the Start  button to start Speech, and then say one of the following:

Press Number” : Where Number is a number from 0 to 9, to press a number on the numeric keypad in order to navigate voicemail or an interactive voice response system

Speaker Phone” : To turn speaker phone on or off.

Call Name” : Where Name is the name of someone in your contact list, to put the call on hold and call someone else.

You can use Speech while the phone is locked.

To do so, go to Settings > Speech and select the Use Speech when the phone is locked check box.

You can also turn on Talking Caller ID for incoming calls and texts and even tell your Windows Phone to read you a text message and then dictate and send a reply enable speed-dialing, turning call forwarding on or off using Speech

To do so, visit Settings > Ease of Access > Turn on Speech for phone accessibility.

In Settings, also tap open Speech > Turn on Play audio confirmations > Tap Read aloud incoming text messages > Always On or whenever you want them.

When your Windows Phone announces an incoming text, you can say “Read it” or “Ignore” to not read it.

This video will show you how to use the voice and speech recognition feature in Windows Phone.

This video shows the future of Microsoft TellMe on Windows Phone and how it plans to make things much more convenient for you.

Have you used Speech on Windows Phone? What has been your experience with it?

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