Microsoft Tag gives Allure Magazine an astounding campaign

Microsoft Tag and Allure magazine recently concluded an astounding 2D barcode campaign that resulted in 444,572 Tag scans. This is the largest Microsoft Tag campaign to date and a significant increase in scans compared to other 2D barcode campaigns.

JAGTAG was previously considered to have the biggest 2D barcode campaign with 100,000 scans during a Sports Illustrated campaign earlier this year.

In past years, Allure used their website as the entry point for their annual giveaway, but this year Allure added Microsoft Tag to the mix. The August issue included 39 Microsoft Tags that allowed readers to enter any one of the 159 giveaways of beauty products worth $725,000.


Readers registered for the contest by scanning a Microsoft Tag that was shown in both the July and August issues. Once registered via their mobile, readers could enter to win the giveaways by scanning any Tag in the August issue. Tags were spread throughout the magazine next to the items that were up for grabs. Readers could also scan a master Microsoft Tag to be entered, allowing users to carry one Tag with them on the road instead of having to keep the entire magazine handy.

Allure said it saw a 38% increase in the number of participants due to the barcodes, and said users were 2.5-times as active as PC users. Another interesting stat from an advertising and marketing perspective, 34% of mobile entrants opted in to receive email updates and information from Allure.

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