How to use Microsoft Surface Pen Tip Kit

Microsoft Surface Pen Tips are designed to combine both, control and precision. This helps in getting real pen experience on the glass screen. The tips also help in improving your handwriting by offering a little friction against the screen. In the absence of friction, it’s a task to control pen/stylus when drawing.

Surface Pen Tip Kit

Microsoft Surface Pen Tip Kit

Surface Pen tips work well on different screen protectors that you have on your Surface Pro 4. The main advantage of using Surface Pen is the screen always remains clean, and leaves no oily stains or smudges, as often happens with your finger while writing on a paper.


Surface Pen Tip Kit features interchangeable pen tips that allow users to better customize their drawing or writing experience on their Surface tablets. The design of the tips is based on pencil type that corresponds to the pencil hardness. ‘H’ corresponds to ‘hard’ while ‘B’ stands for ‘black’.

The four available nibs are demarcated depending on softness:

  1. 2H – offers very low friction experience, best suited for drawing very thin lines. The lack of friction, however, makes slow, controlled strokes difficult to render.
  2. H – it is slightly less hard as compared to 2H and thus provides a bit more softness
  3. HB – Default tip that is shipped with the Surface Pen. It features a good amount of resistance that makes writing a pleasant experience and encourages careful drawing.
  4. B – This medium-sized tip provides softest writing experience with its rubber-like endpoint that offers high friction. It helps you get dark and thick strokes.

The Pen Tip Kit is included with a purchase of Surface Pen. Alternatively, you can purchase it separately to have extra tips. These nibs are compatible with Surface Book, Surface Pro 4, Surface Pro 3, and Surface 3.

The tips are enclosed plastic box. To change the tip, all you need to do is use the built-in extractor tool. Simply swap the tip by holding the tip that is currently in the Pen and pulling it out. Then, replace it with one of the other tips in the Kit. Please note, the colored end of the tip should face inner side of the Pen. Push the tip until it is firmly secured.

Order Surface Pen Tip Kit from Microsoft Store.

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