Microsoft Surface 2 vs. Nokia Lumia 2520: Comparison Chart, Specs, Images, Video

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Varad Choudhari is a tech enthusiast and gadget freak to the core. All things digital, that’s what he always think about. He enjoys blogging about Tablets, Mobile Phones and other gadgets - and is pretty impressed with the new Windows Phone platform.


  1. Hunky

    My opinion, would have been better if you actually had a hands on before writing about them.

  2. 1stkorean

    I bought the Surface 2 and think it is amazing. I really like the silver vapormag casing, which was one of the deciding factors in my buying the Surface 2 over other tablets made from plastic looking material. Screen size also played a role. I also like the premises the Surface 2 is a Microsoft product.

  3. jfigge

    I went for the Surface2. I like the Lumia very much and as a Nokia fan it was a tough decision. There were several key factors in my choice…
    1) I watched a video on YouTube showing the Nokia keyboard/case and while it’s free (for now), it’s chunky and cumbersome. I get the feeling I would be removing it constantly where as I can just fold back the surface keyboard.
    2) I don’t feel like the 2520 has a future when Nokia sells it’s devices and services division to Microsoft. Given the 2520 features a proprietary dock connector I can’t see many more accessories being made for it, so it’s basically at a dead end. (The surface 3 will kick-ass with the merge of Microsoft and Nokia tech).
    3) I actually prefer the design of the surface. The 2520 is gorgeous, but there’s something about the clean lines of the surface that speaks to me. The kickstand is an awesome feature, and the dockable keyboard is really nice.

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