Microsoft Study: Are parents involved with children’s social networking activities?

Microsoft has released a study conducted by Cross-Tab Marketing Services, carried over 1000 parents across USA and asked them whether they were aware of their childrens social networking activities and the issues which concerned them most.

“Staying safe online is a vital area of learning for young people in our highly technological society. Fortunately, parents are highly aware of the need to educate  their children and monitor their childrens social networking activities in order to help keep them safe.”

As a result, the vast majority of parents take an active role in their children’s use of  social networking sites.

  • 67% of the parents surveyed report their child has a social networking account.
  • Parents overwhelmingly believe (95%) they are primarily responsible for keeping their children safe when using
  • social networks.
  • Most (67%) help set up accounts, discuss the benefits and risks, and monitor usage.
  • Parents mainly monitor behavior by “friending” their child in their social network (56%), checking their browser
  • history (52%) or logging into their account (49%). They rarely use monitoring software for this purpose (10%).
  • The social networking risks parents fear most are sexual predators and identify theft.

One interesting finding was that many parents however allow their children to have accounts well before they meet the minimum legal age requirements.

Download Report: Microsoft.

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