Microsoft StaffHub lets you manage, communicate and share content

Technology has brought us so far that gone are the days when contacting with employees or managing your staff and business required a lot of manual work and paperwork as well. Microsoft with its existing staff friendly features of Office 365 has brought up a new service called Microsoft StaffHub. Microsoft StaffHub for Office 365 users is a cloud-based service that lets Managers manage, communicate and share content with their Employees, across all devices.

Microsoft StaffHub

Microsoft StaffHub

Microsoft StaffHub is a great cloud platform that simplifies your and your employee’s work life a lot easier. With StaffHub you can easily manage your work and people working under you. All your employees also get to enjoy the benefits of seamless integration of documents, schedules, and data across devices. For now, it’s available to Office 365 for Business subscribers and comes with a web app for managers and mobile app for employees.

StaffHub has two major roles, you can be a Manager or an Employee. Being a manager you can create schedules/shifts, share documents with different teams, add tasks and to-dos, create notes and instructions for all the people working with you. You can also create different teams and manage your employees and work efficiently.

Being an employee you can access the data the manager has shared, and you can see your shifts and time when you have to report to work. You can see the notes and instructions, and you can request the manager for a shift off or you can swap your shifts with a co-worker by having the request approved by the manager.

StaffHub brings all the people from an organization closer and makes the process of communication a lot easier and feasible. People can chat with each other or their teams, you can send almost any type of content through chat or if you are a manager you can upload files which can be downloaded by your employees. You can also add more than one managers and also create different types of employees such as Business Associates, Store Workers or the Delivery Staff.

There are infinite possibilities for this service and a few large companies have already backed their employees with this amazing service.

StaffHub is available as a web application for managers and as a mobile application for employees. Mobile application is only available for Android and iOS. You need to have an Office 365 business license to enable StaffHub service and all your employees need to have an Office 365 account to enjoy the benefits of the service.

Here is a great video where you can see StaffHub in action:

Microsoft Office StaffHub is a great and an intuitive idea carved into a masterpiece. Have a look it and you would realize the potential of it in your office or at your workplace. A great service which has used technology and smartphones to its best. Communication with employees, sharing of information, sharing of files and data has been made relatively easier.

Say goodbye to the Excel sheets and the Google Groups that you’ve been using till now to manage your work stuff. Whether you are at work, at home, on a holiday or at any corner of this world, StaffHub keeps you connected to your employees and colleagues. Click here to go to Microsoft Office StaffHub website.

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