Microsoft SideWinder X8 Mouse: Review

Peripherals is in what Microsoft delivers excellent performance, apart from operating systems. Microsoft SideWinder X8 is another such sensational product. Hybrid functionality, excellent design and mouth-watering features are the plus points of SideWinder X8. However, this device fails to cope up with high intensity signal and the scroll wheel has some design issues.

Design of SideWinder X8

Wireless mouse are not much popular among hardcore gamers due to lag they insert while gaming. Microsoft SideWinder X8 thus offers hybrid design with two connectivity options: wireless and wired. X8 fits perfectly in user’s hands with dedicated spaces offered for each finger thus denying possibility of getting either finger cramped. If you are a right handed person, two side buttons adds to functionality of mouse. However, these buttons do not offer much comfort for left handed persons. Vertical inward curved shape of thumb button allows clicking with natural thumb motion.

The only design flaw of SideWinder X8 is its scroll wheel. Though one can witness hard surface design for better grip on scroll wheel, it doesn’t produce expected results. The wheel makes you lose grip many times during use and produces soft sensation to the fingers despite of its rough surface. You may have to roll it twice or thrice to get the job done!

BlueTrack and DPI

Apart from eye-catching design, it is BlueTrack technology that justifies the price of this device. Thanks to BlueTrack technology, one can use X8 on literally any surface. The list includes wood, marble, carpet but mirrored or transparent glass surface doesn’t cope up. Some reviews report poor performance on  cloth. Have you tried this? Apart from compatibility with wide range of surfaces, its large range of sensor sensitivity that can thrill gamers. Microsoft SideWinder X8 offers sensitivity range falling between 250 dpi to 4000 dpi.

Three buttons located along scroll wheel on top allows quick switching between dpi settings. However, it restricts uses to three manually selected settings. A scroll to switch between multiple settings could be considered in next version of SideWinder line-up. A small LCD screen displays sensitivity number in terms of dpi.

Macro Recorder

Feature flooded X8 does not stop here. Macro recording capability of this mouse makes it stand distinguished from other gaming peripherals in market. The procedure is quite simple. Press dedicated button on left side to enable recording, follow instructions on little LCD screen and you are done. Designing and modifying macros is possible through IntelliPoint software.

Microsoft SideWinder X8 is better alternative for your gaming needs. The mouse uses 2.4 GHz connectivity index that prevents lags during gaming. Also, its feature flooded design offers ease and comfort during game. You can buy this incredible device from Microsoft Hardware website for $99.

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