Microsoft Send is an Instant Messenger-like Email app for iPhone

It seems, Microsoft’s creative minds keep on grinding some or other idea; even after their work hours. For such minds, Microsoft has created its very own ‘24-hour idea factory’, named as Microsoft Garage. The Garage is a nest for several innovative projects, cultivated by these masterminds of Microsoft. One of such projects is, Send, an instant messenger like in-mail app developed for iPhone. Here is brief information on Send such as where to download it from, how to use it and its features.

Microsoft Send for iPhone

Microsoft Send for iPhone

Send, one of the projects from Microsoft Garage, is currently available for iPhone. It’s a  free messaging app that works within your email account. Users might question the necessity of this app, as Microsoft already has multi-purpose messaging clients such as Skype for Business. Then why use Send?

Here are some attractive features of this in-mail app:

  • Send is a perfect app for mobile users. Currently, it’s available only on the iPhone, however, very soon it will debut on Android phones and Windows Phones as well.
  • Send is in-and-out email. Thus, unlike other messengers, you can send messages to your colleagues whose phone numbers are not available with you.
  • Though an extension of email, it doesn’t require you to put any subject lines, salutations, or even signatures. Send app offers a quick, natural conversations.
  • Despite its linked to your email account, you will see only the conversations that took place in Send app, and not your inbox. This way, you can differentiate easily between your emails and Send chat.
  • Send is directly connected to your email ID; hence, you can start using the chat app immediately. You don’t have to sign up for the app separately.
  • Those who don’t have Send app installed on their devices, will still receive your messages, as the messages go straight to the inbox of their email accounts. Thus, this chat app is purely an email conversation, minus the email elements (like subject, signature etc.)

Technical aspects of Microsoft Send app

For Send app to work on your iPhones, the device has to have iOS 8.0 or later. The in-mail chat app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Besides the app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.


Currently, Send can be used by anyone who has Outlook or Office 365 Business email accounts. It easily syncs in with these two webmail services.


The in-mail chat app makes your conversation simpler. It keeps you connected with your colleagues even if you don’t open your email account. In fact, if you log out from your phone; then the messages  received on ‘Send’ app will be forwarded to your email inbox. Thus, you never miss a conversation. Later on, you can reply to these conversations from your PC.

Send certainly looks promising for the iPhone users as of now. It will be interesting to see how Send app will work on Android and Windows Phones. Read more about this app. You can then download it from iTunes.

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