Socio-Digital Systems, aims to transforming your memory into digital memory

Research is the buzz word presently, especially at Microsoft, and the research is what that inspires people. The technology has been revolutionized in this century as a result of research that had been pioneered by some leading organizations around the globe. Research has always been interesting and insightful; keeping this concept in mind, I have already discussed many research topics from Microsoft here at the Windows Club. Adding one more to a stack of interesting reads, I will discuss Socio-Digital Systems from Microsoft Research.

Socio-Digital Systems

It might not be easy to get a clear idea about the topic “Socio-Digital Systems”. Eventually the words social and digital doesn’t fit together in the world we live in, in most cases. And this technology aims to bridge this gap, but how? Well here is the explanation.

You’ve probably heard about the phrase “Digital memories,” and you are likely to think of this as digital photos, camcorder recordings, videos, emails and so on. A human brain has a large collection of data about our self and everything we see and imagine. And it grows by every minute. Socio-Digital Systems aims to store everything that you see and do throughout the day and for weeks and months. Not just physical actions but your interaction with digital media like Facebook, Twitter and web pages. Now all these data collected is called Digital footprints”.

Sounds interesting?! Now you might be wondering the term “digital memories” is used as if these are somehow the same as the memories we construct in our heads. Note that it is not possible to create something like human memory and somehow store all the records in it. So how would be the implementation be then?


Sensecam is a wearable device developed in Microsoft lab which takes pictures from the perspective of the wearer based on changes in light, heat, and movement and using a fish-eye lens as shown above. Hundreds of images are typically captured in a normal day. This is just a prototype build to achieve the research topic being discussed here.

The campaign on memory and technology has been administered and researched by scientists to optimize large data storage. And for the requirement we have here, this could be more challenging. Microsoft’s paper on this research encapsulate over five years of research and design work regarding the role technology plays in supporting memory and technology used in digital memories. It speaks about all the technological possibilities and management of our burgeoning collections of human data.

I hope you will find it interesting. You can download 38 pages PDF manual here.

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