Microsoft Research releases Cliplets for Windows 10/8/7

Microsoft Research has released a cool new tool called Cliplets that will allow you to combine your videos with still images to produce imagery that sits somewhere between the two – called as cliplets!

A still photograph has its limitations. A video captures more of a duration and the ‘moment’ which you may want to highlight is often lost in the chaos of background clutter and noise. Combining the two offers great potential – a new imagery – called as ‘cliplets’!

Cliplets is a free tool from Microsoft Research that offers a semi-automated process that will let you create an imagery by combining your still photographs and your personal videos. It does not matter if your videos are from a hand-held camera. Cliplet provides a lens that focuses on important aspects of the image by mixing both, the static and the dynamic elements from a video.

Using Cliplet, you can:

  1. Make a simple Cliplet with a still background and one repeating “loop” layer
  2. Add one repeating “mirror” layer
  3. Make a Cliplet with a still background, one repeating “loop,” and a “play” layer that begins in the middle of the Cliplet
  4. Make a Cliplet with temporally juxtaposed layers.

On the site, there are several video tutorials offered that will show you how to use the app.

Visit Microsoft Research to download Cliplets. It works with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 10/8/7.

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