Microsoft releases Windows XP End Of Support Countdown Gadget


  1. The best stupid thing microsoft has ever created. Useless shame on Microsoft. And the funny thing they needs to validate windows to download it.

    Shame—-Shame—-Shame on Microsoft

  2. I am sure MS has filed a patent for this stupid applet. Instead they should rather improve their current clock applet which lacks a lots of features: 24h format, current date, digital format. This give the impression that MS is driven by a band of amateurs.

  3. Maybe a company will step up & offer security updates for a small fee for XP users.
    With all the out of work hackers out there, they could put them to work fixing XP’s holes. Probably better than MS! This would be a “win win” deal for everyone.
    MicroStupid has shot themselves in the head with kicking XP to the curb!!

  4. Antivirus software do offer security updates for XP so technically it is still supported but not by Microsoft.

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