Microsoft releases new Windows themes & wallpapers

With New Year having been already arrived, the Windows Personalization Gallery is sparkling with new themes and wallpapers available for download, adding a spice of freshness around.


Microsoft has launched a bunch of new themes and wallpapers, the first installment for the present year, keeping in mind the serene mood around though not forgetting the gaming frenzy. Halo 4 gamers can now rejoice as the Halo 4 theme brings their favorite heroes and wallpapers to the Windows desktop.

wildlife theme

Honoring wildlife, the new African Wildlife theme includes amazing shots of zebras and lions in Kenya, leopards and cheetahs in Namibia, elephants and crocodiles in Botswana, giraffes and rhinos in South Africa, and more. Natural wildlife at its best!

egypt theme

The Ancient Egypt theme adds a touch of the magical old times and features interesting archeological sites from the time of the pharaohs, including sites at Luxor, Abu Simbel, Deir el-Bahari, Abydos, the Giza Plateau, and more.

travel theme

In a bid to capture the adventurous spirit, the In Search of Incredible theme features amazing and breathtaking stills of tightrope walkers in the Alps. Daredevil shots indeed but worth a place on the PC desktop.

A bunch of new wallpapers have also been added to the collection depicting peaceful shores, quiet wildlife, fresh flowers and serene sunsets.

wallpaper sunset

With much more content to be added soon, make sure you keep a check on the Personalization Gallery in order to catch up with the latest themes and wallpapers for the Windows environment. These themes/wallpapers can be downloaded and installed on your Windows 7 PC /Windows 8 PC / Windows RT device.

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