Microsoft releases whitepaper on Malware Research and Response

Malware (malicious software), as we all know, is software that has been designed to damage a user’s computer, a server, or a network; or to cause harm to computer users by stealing personal or otherwise sensitive information, defrauding the user through various scams, and other nefarious business. Worms, trojan horses, viruses, and rogue security software are some of the most prevalent types of malware.

Malware began in the 1980s with programs like the Brain boot-sector virus in 1986 and the Internet-distributed Morris worm in 1988. These viruses were designed mostly to create havoc for users. People who used infected computers might see mocking messages or strange visual effects.

People who wrote early malware sought notoriety and respect in an underground world of hackers who connected with one another in closely guarded virus exchange (VX) forums and boasted about the havoc they created.

Today, professional criminals have displaced amateur virus writers. The VX forums have evolved into extensive online black markets that offer a comprehensive selection of products and services. Many of these products and services are related to botnets, which can be used to distribute and install other malware

This whitepaper from Microsoft talks of the origin of malware, evolving nature of malware , the state of today’s malware as a shadow economy, Rogue security software, how to stay protected and introduces the team of antimalware researchers in the Microsoft Malware Protection Center (MMPC), which helps keep computers and systems free of malicious and potentially unwanted software around the world.

Download now: Microsoft.

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