Microsoft recommends iLOOKBOTHWAYS, a free Internet Explorer add-on for Security Tips

Microsoft is recommending a cool new Internet Explorer add-on iLOOKBOTHWAYS, that offers online safety tips for you and your family.  This calendar sends you a reminder at the beginning of each month to help you take action on important online safety issues.



Using the iLOOKBOTHWAYS calendar security add-on, you will learn how to:

  • Protect yourself from identity theft
  • Talk about cyberbullying with kids
  • Shop online more safely
  • Protect your information when you are traveling.

iLOOKBOTHWAYS is an Internet safety technology company that provides products, consulting, and information about online safety. The company also has a foundation that develops Internet safety courses for elementary through high school students. Its Founder Linda Criddle is a frequent speaker at many online safety events.

This application is developed and owned by LOOKBOTHWAYS LLC, but bought to you by Microsoft.

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  1. Rob

    uses the Chrome=1 X-UA meta tag and opens in a Chrome Frame if it is enabled in IE.

    Not a very good look for a MS subsidiary.

  2. Rob

    If opened in a chrome frame the download button does not work in IE9 beta and closes the tab.
    Not a very good look.

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