Microsoft Quiz: What Kind of Cloud Are You?

Microsoft US has launched the What Kind of Cloud Are You? campaign to reach out to IT Pros and Developers and engage them to learn more about Microsoft’s Cloud Services in a fun and informative way.


The quiz format chosen for the campaign is meant to be an engaging means to serve up customized resources to each visitor that completes the short questionnaire.  Depending on the answers selected to the 3 questions (pain points and concerns) the individual will be presented with content specific to one of the Microsoft Cloud offerings (i.e. SQL Azure, Windows Azure, AppFabric, etc.).  The purpose is to address and appease specific pain points and fears by emphasizing new Cloud capabilities and key resources.

Take the quiz to find out how Microsoft cloud services can give you and your department the freedom, agility, and flexibility to grow your business. By providing a safe, familiar environment where your team can test, develop, and deploy, Microsoft cloud services lets you offload commodity workloads, manage security capabilities, more easily migrate and manage “shadow” IT applications, and more.

Microsoft offers a secure and flexible set of cloud-based IT solutions, including communications, collaboration, data storage, and infrastructure services—on-premises, all in the cloud, or a mix based on your business needs.

The page at What Kind of Cloud Are You? is no longer there

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