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Microsoft Project Viewer : Free Download PLUS Free Online Viewer

Some Windows users may not have Microsoft Project or its alternative installed on their system. At such times, if you need to view the Microsoft Project files, you can download and use freeware Moos Project Viewer. If it is only occasionally that you need to view Microsoft Project files, then this free online Housatonic Project Viewer may be what you are looking for. 

Microsoft Project Viewer free download

Moos Project Viewer is a viewer application for Microsoft Project allowing you to open and view any Microsoft Project file. It has been developed to run on any Java enabled platform. This includes the three major operating systems Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

The free online viewer for Microsoft Project has a very simple to use interface, simpler than Microsoft project! Users invariably have the option to show or hide, arrange and re size columns per view and keep settings. Any user will realize that the need of the viewer is justified when he/she receives a file generated by MS Project that they only need to view, but does not have Microsoft Project installed on their computer.

The application features WBS, Gantt chart, resource sheet, task sheet and resource usage views.other features of Moos Project Viewer,

Using MOOS Project Viewer you can get to see project details, that no other report can give you.

Microsoft Project Free Online Viewer

Housatonic Project Viewer allows you to open, view, print and share Microsoft Project (MPP) files stored on Google Docs or other cloud-based storage.

This online MPP viewer allows you to upload MPP files up to 400 KB in size. A great feature of the program is that it requires neither registration nor any kind of long and complex download or installation process. You are just required to upload your MPP file; this online MPP viewer then shows the content of that MPP file online.

In addition, you also have the option open MPP files stored in Google Docs as it supports integration with Google Docs. However, to do this, you need to grant permission to the app to access your documents saved in Google docs or some other cloud-based storage. You can then simply select the MPP file that you need to open, and the program opens it directly.

Features of Online MPP Viewer:

This service is extremely popular and at peak times the servers of the free Viewers for Microsoft Project Files may be busy. It then encourages you to try again later in such cases.

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