Microsoft Privacy Principles in Cloud Computing

According to Microsoft, cloud service providers across the planet should reach a common understanding about the legal aspects of cloud computing so that the norms are similar across political boundaries. This will make it easier for customers as they will know when and how can be their data accessed by government in case of legal proceedings.

Microsoft SkyDrive Privacy Policy

Microsoft also boasts of solid privacy policy being implemented so that their customers’ data is safe within the Microsoft clouds – such as SkyDrive and Office 365.

This article explains Microsoft Privacy policies in a gist, so that people who do not read their terms and conditions can understand the basics.

Microsoft Privacy Policy  – Principles

According to Microsoft, it adheres to strict privacy principles when it comes to SkyDrive and other cloud services:

Accountability: Microsoft states it believes in accountability when it comes to handling personal information of clients. The Microsoft vendors and partners are also made to follow this principle.

Privacy Notice: The software giant says it provides notice to customers describing how they collect, retain and use their personal information. According to SkyDrive Privacy Policy, Microsoft accesses user data only when and to the extend required.

Collection: Per the company, it collects data from individuals only for the purposes stated in the privacy notice, mentioned under transparency above. According to SkyDrive privacy policy, the data collected by Microsoft is for betterment of services and that Microsoft will never own the data on cloud.

Disclosure And Data Transfer: Microsoft says it discloses and transfers data to vendors and partners only for purposes as identified in the privacy notice. SkyDrive privacy policy says data is transferred to third parties only when required. In case of data transfer, only as much data is used as is required to solve any issue.

Quality Assurance: MS takes steps to ensure personal information in their records is correct and relevant to purposes for which, the data was collected.

Security: Microsoft “believes” in protection against unauthorized access and use of personal information.

Cloud Principles At Microsoft

Microsoft employs Safe Harbor privacy principles that were developed by the US Dept Of Commerce and the Europe Commission together. These privacy principles provide for further securing customers’ data.

“Together, our privacy principles and our corporate privacy policy govern the collection and use of all customer and partner information at Microsoft and give our employees a clear framework to help ensure privacy compliance companywide […]”

Microsoft employs more than 400 professionals who ensure that their privacy policies, procedures, and technologies are applied across Microsoft products, services, processes, and systems.

The Microsoft Privacy Standard for Development (MPSD) includes detailed technical guidance on creating customer notification and consent procedures, providing sufficient data security features, maintaining data integrity, managing user access, and supplying controls when developing software products and websites.

Microsoft has also released an Infographic on Cloud Privacy Policy – you might want to download it and check it out!

If you need more information on Microsoft Privacy Policy or if you wish to know how SkyDrive Privacy policy is implemented, the Privacy guidelines for developing software products and services are what you want to download.


To realize the cloud computing benefits, users must have reliable assurance from cloud service providers regarding the privacy and security of their personal data. Microsoft says it is committed to maintaining the highest standards of privacy and security in their cloud services. They look forward to partnering with industry leaders, governments, and consumer organizations to develop globally consistent privacy frameworks to maximize the benefits of cloud computing.

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