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Microsoft Office Online: Reading View and File Management experiences

Based on feedback, Microsoft has added new features to Office Online to make it even better in 2015. These new features include improving Reading View, File management and editing experiences. Let us look at these new features of Office Online.

Microsoft Office Online new features

Enhanced reading experience

Edit, print, Share and Comments commands are just a click away and can be found on toolbar. It is easy to find advanced tools like Translate, Download a file and more. As of now, in order to print the document as PDF we used to download the file, but now you can enable the direct printing of PDF right from the Word Online.

Save and manage your files with additional options

Save As option has been updated with additional file management options such as:

Note that, Word Online saves your changes to OneDrive automatically.

Easy to add files to your OneDrive from the toolbar

If someone has shared you a file with “view only” permissions and you want to access it and edit it, then you can add that file to your OneDrive. You can save a copy of the file by clicking on Add to OneDrive present on the toolbar, choose the destination and click Save. Now, you can share or edit this file as any other document.

Start editing faster

Now, when you open Office Online, it shows the most recently files. You can even see files from your OneDrive. Start using the blank page template or any template available on your screen.

Get integrated Help

Now, Help icon has been integrated with the expanded Office Online help tool, called Tell Me. On top of the ribbon, click on the “Tell Me” box and type what you are looking for. Then, select relevant Office tool or look at help article. You can get additional information using Insights from Bing.

Improved proofreading tools

This would be very helpful when you want to restrict the document to particular number of words. Now, you can get the word count of the selected portion of the document. Select the text and on the lower left, you can see the word count of the highlighted section and total word count of the document together.

Office Online on the go

You can edit documents with the release of Office for Android tablet. Now, open the file in Office Online using Chrome and tap on the Open in Word, Open in Power Point or Open in Excel button on the top. This opens the document in the respective app. Before that, you need to install Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps on your device.

Via Office Blogs.