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Don’t own Microsoft Office but want to use it for free? Try Office Web Apps!

We’ve previously posted about the new features in Microsoft Office Web Apps, but the other day on Twitter, a friend mentioned something that really sunk in that I thought would be worth sharing.

What if you don’t own a copy of Microsoft Office or like so many being hit with the bad economy, you just can’t afford to shell out the money to buy a copy, but in some instances having at least Microsoft Word is a necessity?

Create, View, Edit, Share Office documents free with Office Web Apps

If you have a Windows Live ID (Free), using your SkyDrive folder you still have access to the most widely used features of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, using Office Web Apps. Microsoft Office Web Apps will allow you to view, edit, and share Office documents from anywhere with a browser and an internet connection, for free.

Another plus to this is the ability to open documents saved in Office. So if your employee or friend sends you a document that you really need to open, you can simply open it from within your SkyDrive folder as well as other options such as Edit or Print just the same as if you were using Microsoft Office! This also eliminates the need to locate third-party alternatives if the need arises. You could even use Microsoft Office Web Apps on Microsoft SharePoint 2010.

Want to give it a try, it’s easy!

Using Office Web Apps, you will be able to access Files From Any Location, with any web browser of your choice including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc. You will be able to download and save the Office documents to your computer and then view them with your Office software (if you have one) and vice versa. You can co-author and auto-sync files and even restrict access to them.

Watch the video to get an idea: