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Microsoft Office 365 released – Pricing, Video, Links

June 28 2011 witnessed Microsoft Office 365 remove the ‘Beta’ tag from its name and step foot into the business domain with a basketful of advantages and cost-saving options. The bottom line is that Microsoft Office 365 allows you to access Microsoft Office software along with Office web apps from almost anywhere, be it your desktop, online or via the cloud. It offers you services of Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Lync-all online in a cloud-based format.

If you think “This might be for businesses with millions of turnover and a huge infrastructure”, then you are wrong for Microsoft offers its Office 365 service to almost everyone, be it a big business or as small as a recent startup. The service is a full browser-based solution that incorporates webmail, collaboration and document management.

Executives can connect with their counterparts spread across the world and work over their office documents at the same, with the inclusion of instant messaging and voice/video conferencing proving to be a win all the way. They can stay on the ‘same’ page, work on the ‘same’ file on any compatible device with a cloud following you wherever you go.

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It actually helps in saving up a lot of money for your firm/business/company without the need to ponder over technology management and maintenance. with office 365, Microsoft intends to increase your business productivity by allowing you to focus more on your job and let allow Microsoft to focus on the technology.

Microsoft Office applications are at the heart of Office 365. Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, Outlook and other Office applications connect to Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and Lync to deliver a world-class solution for communication and collaboration.

Costly? Not at all. Instead you can choose from a sea of options according to your feasibility. The entry-level package, Office 365 for Small Businesses provides Office Web Apps, Exchange, SharePoint and Lync online with an external website for $6 per user per month while the ‘beefy’ enterprise package is worth $27 per user per month which shall include email, voicemail, enterprise social networking, instant messaging, web portals, extranets, voice/video conferencing while also allowing you pay-as-you-go access to Office Professional Plus. You can get the pricing details here.

Office 365 for small businesses and Office 365 for enterprises is available now.

Businesses can try Office 365 for free for 30 days by signing up at the official Office 365 website or learn about it in-depth from its official blog.

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