Microsoft Office 2016 new and improved features

Having a wide user base, Microsoft Office is not just regarded as a popular productivity tool but also as a major revenue channel for the company. Microsoft, recently dropped a new version of Office – Office 2016. Here’s a rundown of the new and improved features available in the newest Office version.

Office 2016 new features

Office 2016 new features

Tell Me

When you are using Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook or Project, Visio, and Access, simply type what you want to do in the app. Tell Me will walk you through the process. The feature is more like a smart assistant that can understand your queries written in words. In addition to this, there is also a feature called Delve that uses algorithms to bring together the most relevant information or documents in one place.

Ink Equation

It is a feature that allows you to insert equations in Office built-in applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint by handwriting them. Ink Equation feature works well with a tablet pen on a tablet PC.

Smart Lookup

To find the meaning of a word in your documents use Bing-powered Smart Lookup in Office 2016. All a user need to do is highlight that term in his document and access the feature to bring in search results from the web right into his authoring document. A sidebar opens in the right-section of computer screen with details about the selected text from various websites like Wikipedia.

New themes

The most requested dark-theme option in Office has now been accommodated in Office 2016. Users can now change the light theme to Dark Gray theme. The dark theme doesn’t strain your eyes, especially if you have reading habit at night.

Improved Version History

When in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, you can refer back to previous snapshots or earlier drafts of documents and edit them as required.

Mail Triage

Clutter feature in Outlook examines your email pattern by knowing the people you interact with the most, and using these metrics, it prioritizes your mail and helps you by push low priority messages in a separate folder.

Modern Attachments

Simply attach a document in Outlook from your recent items and have them shared with the recipients via OneDrive or SharePoint.

New Chart Types

Working on a chart type and looking to highlight statistical properties of your data? No worries! Try new chart types in Office 2016 for Word, Powerpoint, Excel. The list includes – Treemap, Waterfall, Pareto, Histogram, Box and Whisker, and Sunburst.


Simplified Sharing

Now sharing, right from your Office documents is made easy via Share button. Simply click the button in the Ribbon to enable easy sharing right from your Office documents. Once done, you know who has access to a given document and if required, change individual authoring permissions.

OneDrive Integration

OneDrive Office integration offers you access to your Office documents from anywhere and any device by saving them to OneDrive. You can pick up right from where you last left on another device.

Well, this is about the list of the new feature that this iteration has.

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