Microsoft Notebook Cooling Base Review

Whenever the temperature of your laptop shoots up it gets overheated. The consequences of over-heating can be many. If it happens very often, you may end up damaging some system components, which may require replacement – such as motherboards or graphic cards ,or even face certain health issues in the long run.

Technically, the reasons can be many; for instance if you are gaming or running some resource intensive task or maybe running virus scans, installing software, etc, laptops may over-heat. Sometimes the CPU chips and the video chips in the laptops come densely packed with transistors, which generate heat – and the problem is compounded if there is no proper ventilation. To find a possible solution and keep your laptop cool you can check out Microsoft Notebook Cooling Base.

The USB-powered Notebook Cooling Base includes a built-in fan and a cooling channel to prevent laptops from overheating. Microsoft Notebook Cooling Base can be placed beneath the laptop by raising it slightly and positioning the fan in the middle of the device.

The Cooling Base makes it easier for laptop’s components to stay cooler, thereby increasing your laptop’s lifespan and overall speed. The hardware claims to offer a smart and inexpensive way to extend the life of your laptop. One can use it at his desk, adjust its height or even use it on your lap—the cooling channel continually keeps air flowing freely.

The cooling pad has a design of square, measures 11.4 inches/290mm and is just 1.16 inches thick. There is even a cable management clip if you find yourself in need.

Microsoft Notebook Cooling Base Features:

  1. Efficient Cooling Channel to direct heat away
  2. Contoured for Lap Use
  3. Built-in height adjustment to provide added comfort
  4. USB Powered (requires no AC power, single fan design consumes less power)
  5. Lightweight and Compact (easy and convenient to transport)

Microsoft Notebook Cooling Base is available in the retail market but there are no online stores selling it yet. It is available in 2 colors, white and black and costs $29.95.

For more details you can visit its product page.

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  1. Jim

    WOW…a cooling pad for laptops/notebooks! What a wonderful idea…to bad about 50 other manufactures thought of it first.

  2. Zibisko

    I do not think that its is a new prduct from Microsoft. It is quite an old offering.

  3. hemant saxena

    no it’s not!check out the blog

  4. Hotmail Alias

    Yeah, I’ve been using a cooling pad for the last 4 years.

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