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Microsoft needs to improve Windows 10 Mobile ASAP

When the first build of Windows 10 Mobile was released, I was excited, but today things are much different because the operating system feels stagnant, as if it is going nowhere but straight ahead instead of up. I am aware that the mobile OS is still in the Preview stage, but I am expecting a bit more – quicker!

After looking back at what Microsoft did with the Windows 10 Insider Preview program, I have to say, the same quality is missing from its mobile counterpart. It’s as if the software giant has no idea what it needs to do in order to keep fans coming back for more.

It is important for the company to release new builds with features and the quality to make fans believe the future of Windows 10 Mobile is bright and active. What we get is a mobile operating system that looks similar to Windows 10, and that’s basically it.

Yes, Windows 10 Mobile is more advanced and feature rich when compared to other versions, but it has done nothing to truly separate itself from Android or iOS thus far.

Let’s be honest here, Microsoft has never been sure about mobile, and with this new plan, the company comes off as even more confused with each passing day and we’re not sure if there’s a single end in sight to this, because we can’t see one.

The recent build, while more stable than the previous ones, is still filled with issues that should have been rectified a long time ago. It has been months since the first release, and for some odd reason, Windows 10 Mobile feels completely unfinished.

We also have to touch on the inconsistency with each new build. Today, Microsoft might release a stable build of the operating system, and then the next one turns out to be a complete mess. It makes us terrified to update our phones because there is always a high chance of something going wrong.

There was a point in time when I chose to revert to Windows Phone 8 and skipped several builds of Windows 10 Mobile. I never had that feeling with the Windows 10 Technical Preview because every new build was an improvement and not a giant step backwards.

What should Microsoft do

We’d love for the software giant to improve on the performance of the operating system. We look back at how Windows Phone 8 performed so well on devices with 512MB worth of RAM, so what is the deal with Windows 10 Mobile and all its performance issues months after the first build?

Microsoft must also improve on the Live Tiles feature a great deal. This is one of the major selling points of the platform since Windows Phone 7 came on the scene, and for some reason, it never truly worked. Microsoft tends to make a big deal about yet it always feels like an afterthought. Simply put, Live Tiles feature is not very useful when compared to something like Widgets.

Here’s another thing we want Microsoft to improve upon, and also something that makes us wonder if Microsoft is outsourcing the Windows 10 Mobile work to noobs. You see, the Calendar app does not have a “Years” view; that’s right ladies and gentlemen, the Microsoft Calendar app in Windows 10 Mobile does not have a Years view for some strange reason.

The company and the team behind the operating system need to take Windows 10 Mobile seriously, because I have yet to come across an insider who is happy with the work Microsoft has done so far.

The mobile OS has great potential, as it can even function almost like a full-fledged laptop in your palm. Microsoft needs to only get a few good things done quickly!