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Lync is Microsoft’s unified communication platform that helps you to establish virtual connection between you and people you work with. The latest release delivers a fresh, intuitive user experience that is directly accessible from Microsoft Office applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft SharePoint. 

Microsoft Lync has generated a lot of interest for many reasons in the field of unified communication. As a method of communication, we now use email, IM conference calling, telephones, etc that can do this very well – but separately and independently. It becomes expensive to maintain them and their details. Microsoft Lync reduces this complexity by putting people at the center of communication experience. The goal of Lync is to integrate all the ways people used to contact each other at a single environment.

Lync Overview

So what Lync? Microsoft Lync is a enterprise software unlike Windows Live Messenger. Lync is a collection of services Microsoft offers to the firms and companies, which have more communication needs. Workspaces are getting big, I.T people need tools that enable them to work from virtually anywhere. Microsoft Lync connects users in new way. It makes people directly access other Microsoft applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, Share Point etc. It also allows users to share single application.

Lync Features

As mentioned earlier, Lync is collection of many services and has many features relating to communication and sending data online. Here are some of its features discussed briefly.

Lync Contacts

Contacts on Lync are based on Microsoft Outlook calendars stored in Microsoft Exchange Server. Contacts can be sorted by groups, status, and relationships. You can adjust contact list settings to view photos, presence, and status updates, or choose a more condensed view that shows more contacts at once. There are many options under the contact segment, they include:

  • Contact List
  • Contact Grouping
  • Contact Card
  •  Contact Management
  • Unified Contact
  •  Contact Tagging

Lync IM (Instant Messaging)

Microsoft Lync 2010 gives users real-time presence information and enhanced instant messaging (IM) to help them connect more efficiently and effectively. Server-to-server federation capabilities allow users to use presence and instant messaging with other Lync Server 2010 users outside the corporate network. Public IM connectivity capability increases reach even further by allowing connections with several public IM networks such as Windows Live, Yahoo, and AOL. Peer-to-peer audio and video support is available with Windows Live.

Group Chat:

Microsoft Lync has a strong support for chat environment, various services has been fully integrated with in it. Services like Joining a chat rooms, posting messages, setting up filters and notification are always available. It also allows users to search the chat history as well, they can search past discussions to get up to speed without asking other team members to forward numerous past chat threads. Users can search chat history by field, including author, date, chat room, or keyword.

Unified Conferencing:

Another major features Lync possesses is Unified Conferencing, which aspires to remove the work load on conferencing over voice, application sharing, Web conferencing and video conferencing as well.

Lync Server removes the boundaries, delivering cost efficient management and a unified solution with feature parity to multiple single-workload solutions.

Lync enables organizers to schedule meetings or start a conference with a single click and make it just easy for attendees to join. A Web client extends rich conference features to participants who do not have the desktop Lync 2010 client.

Audio Conferencing on Lync enables clients to join the conference irrespective of their platform. It includes joining through Outlook, PSTN dial-in Service.

Application and Document sharing:

Integrating application and document sharing on Lync Server 2010 makes these things available virtually anywhere. Giving PC experience anywhere plus combined features of audio and video conferencing, the result is immersive and collaborative session that is very easy to facilitate. There are some important features inside this service that provides real time conference experience and here they are:

1)      Whiteboarding: Whiteboard simply speaking is a white paper that allows presenters to draw charts and graphs using various available graphic tools. Also it has the ability to cut and paste menus, lines and attributes.Users can start a whiteboard session directly in Lync 2010 to share ideas or diagrams.

2)      Desktop and application sharing: Application sharing allows presenters to share control of software on their desktops without losing sight of participant feedback or text questions.

Lync Integration with Microsoft Office:

Lync works well with all Microsoft Office application and Exchange and SharePoint providing rich and collaborative experience. Co-Authoring enables users to make document a collaborative session by bringing other workers into a session just easily. Reporting on Lync is simple to understand it includes information such as

  • See presence for people associated with a document
  • Find contacts to share documents with
  • Send documents via IM with the “Send Now” button
  • Initiate ad hoc application sharing from within the document, with the “Share Now” button

Enterprise Voice:

Microsoft Lync 2010 combines the telephony features of a traditional IP PBX with rich presence, instant messaging, and conferencing to improve communication and to lower costs.  Key features include:

  • Traditional Calling Features:
  • Call Coverage:
  • Call Queuing and Routing:
  • Choice of Endpoints:
  • Anywhere Access:
  • Use Your Network More Efficiently:
  • Deploy with Confidence:
  • Support a Safer Workplace:

Lync on Mobile

Using Communicator Mobile Client Lync Server 2010 supports a wide range of third-party platforms. Below are mobile phones on which Lync Server is made available by Microsoft

  • Windows Phone
  • Symbian
  • Blackberry
  • iPhone

Lync Video

Microsoft Lync Server and Client download

You can download Lync Server 2010 and Lync Client 2010 from Technet.

This was a summary of the the features of Microsoft Lync Server 2010. Click here if you want to download and read the full PDF product guide. If you are looking to explore complete details regarding Lync visit its home page.

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