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Microsoft Lumia Device Infographic: Getting started

Whether, Microsoft Lumia device has been your first smartphone or not, it has always remained a valid option for discerning buyers, because it offers incredible options and all of the essentials at a value prices. The affordable and feature-packed Windows Phone is however, quite different from Android and iOS. As such, users who are switching to this Microsoft platform may this Lumia Device Infographic released by Microsoft, quite useful.

Lumia Device Infographic

The infographic houses a collection of things you try after powering up a Lumia handset for the first time, including: how to create a Microsoft account, re-size tiles, download apps from Windows Store, change themes and background images and do more. The infographic is pretty straight-forward, very quick and easy to remember. The image gives you the basics of Windows Phone 8.1 and allows you to configure your Lumia in quick time and just a few easy steps.

Please note that the infographic below is applicable to Windows Phone 8.1 OS but getting started with Windows 10 shouldn’t be much different.The OS supports a consistent UI and even restores exactly like your old phone with the help of a cloud backup.

There are many Android lovers and iOS fans too- and as such, Windows Phone 8 still remains relatively an unknown territory for many. In case you are planning of getting a Lumia smartphone, Microsoft’s this latest infographic will help you set it up. The image offers some of the basics of Windows Phone 8.1 to configure your Lumia.

Click on the following image to see it in large size.

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