Microsoft lists most common automated Fix It solutions in one place

One of the best things in trouble shooting Windows problems has been the Microsoft Fix It Solutions.  Ever since we first announced its quiet launch way back in Nov 2008, or the time when the First MVP Fix It was announced,  Microsoft’s Fix-it solutions have come a long way! The purpose of the Fix It team has been to automate the steps in Microsoft KB articles and Windows Error Reporting (WER) solutions so you can click a button and have the issue resolved.

The largest part of trouble shooting a PC has always been Average Joes helping Average Joes from their own past experience. Most Error codes while helpful for the most part turn out to be generic error codes that give you just enough information to let you know you have a problem but not enough to actually get the problem fixed if you go hunting for an answer.

This is where Microsoft Fix It comes in handy! Have a problem use Microsoft Fix It to automatically fix the problem.

Through the Microsoft Download Center Microsoft has made available today a set of a 23 downloads for the most common fixes on one page. Simply find the download that closely matches the problem you are having.

While one can read about most of these Fix Its here on TheWindowsClub or visit the Fix It Blog to search for and download the required Fix Its, this page lists all the most common Fix It solutions a Windows 7 user may need, in one place!

The list of Fix It downloads contains the following:

  • Windows Aero
  • Audio Playback
  • Audio recording
  • Codecs
  • Devices
  • DVD
  • Homegroup
  • IE Addon
  • IE Performance
  • Maintenance
  • MSN Client
  • Performance
  • Pictures
  • Power
  • Printing
  • Search
  • Setup TV Tuner
  • Time Zones
  • Windows Firewall
  • Windows Update
  • Windows File and Folders
  • Windows Media Security
  • Windows Security

To download a file or all the files visit Microsoft.

Update: The original link was broken and hence it has been updated to its home page where you can search for the required Fix It’s.

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