Microsoft LifeCam Studio 1080p : Review and Price

As we have always been saying, you cannot challenge Microsoft’s expertise in providing the world with the best computer peripherals. Let it be a desktop combo, headphone or webcam, whatever comes out of Redmond camp, is always the best. LifeCam Studio is one of those many peripherals that reflect Microsoft’s perfection and ergonomic expertise. This 1080p enabled webcam has excellent looks and features too. There are some flaws but pros of this hardware suppresses them. Let’s see how!

LifeCam Studio Review

LifeCam Studio is a beauty. This ‘eye’ of Microsoft is pretty in its size and design measuring 4.5 x 1.6 x 2.4 inches. Its cannon like design features combination of sliver and black colors. The power of LifeCam lies behind its glass that houses a 1080p sensor with auto-focus. Mounting LifeCam Studio on your desktop screen is not at all irksome with its flexible mount that holds webcam firmly. The design features a rotating joint just above the mount that allows webcam to move around itself in 360 degrees.

LifeCam is capable of working in low light environment and when adequate amount of light is available, it utilizes it to larger extent to produce excellent quality of images.  This ability of sensor makes it best video chat medium even when working in dark. Its CCTV like design has a cap coming straight out from upper cover that protects sensor from direct light. TrueColor technology adjusts brightness settings in order to manipulate with user’s seating position. It helps in offering better live images than other webcam present in the market.

The one and only flaw of LifeCam Studio is in its video recording. Microsoft has claimed 30 fps is maximum output at HD resolution of 1280 x 720 resolution but sadly LifeCam offers 15 fps at maximum. And if you are working in dim light, this rate even reduces further.

Its integrated microphone is set to catch lightest of sound but is still mono and thus noise cancellation is difficult. In many cases it might catch background noise more clearly.

The built-in software is easy to set up. However, it doesn’t perform too many tasks apart from taking snapshots and recording videos. However, you can change background of taken snapshots with the help of software to glowing stars and other funny themes.

Video chatting on LifeCam Studio is HD – but only when you are using Windows Live Messenger 2011 for the purpose. And that also requires similar chat program on other end and faster Internet connection. If you are using it with Skype or say GTalk, VGA resolution is what maximum you can get. However, when working with Live Messenger, you are set to receive best service from LifeCam, thanks to the perfect co-ordination between two.

LifeCam Studio Price

You can buy Microsoft LifeCam Studio from Microsoft Hardware website for $99.95. Our Indian readers can buy it from 5999 INR. Features offered by LifeCam are worthy of a price its set for. Its HD capabilities while working with Live Messenger can not be questioned.

Try it out and let us know if your views are in sync with ours.

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