Microsoft LifeCam Cinema 720p – Impressions

Microsoft leaves no chance to prove its excellence in designing world-class peripherals. The Microsoft LifeCam Cinema 720p is a treat in terms of ergonomics and  image quality. However this HD webcam cannot offer equally good audio quality. Read more below to check out if this hardware should reside on top of your LCD screen.

Review of LifeCam Cinema 720p

LifeCam Cinema features a telescope design carved out of aluminum. This little, yet powerful tool features a 6 feet long USB cable, making it portable in the circular region of 1 inch diameter. The rubber mount is flexible so that you can adjust its shape as per your requirement. When mounted on the LCD screen, this device is very much stable as compared to its competitors from other manufacturers.

This device has its own system requirements starting from operating system that must be Windows XP or later. An Intel processor with two cores and 1.6 GHz or higher clock rate is recommended. LifeCam Cinema also asks for 2 GB RAM, 1 .5 GB free space and, quite obviously, a free USB 2.0 port. This webcam cannot be used with Mac and to use some specific features, you must use it with Internet Explorer 6 and later. But I suppose most of us here are on Windows 7 using Internet Explorer 9, so this shouldnt be a problem.

LifeCam Cinema comes with an installation CD that has its own intelligence. It automatically downloads the latest software update from the Internet for your device. Once installed, it is recommended that you restart the system once.

LifeCam cinema is capable of recording at a resolution of 1280 x 720 and offers 15 fps rate. Thanks to auto-focus, the recorded videos look sharp and dark. Though the color doesn’t come out as vibrant as one would like to, it shows a natural image stability throughout the image. In low light, LifeCam Cinema offers good color definition as compared to its competitors. In an environment where lights change periodically, LifeCam cinema doesn’t work well.

LifeCam Cinema provides various functions when it comes to image capturing. You can play with the resolution and image quality with the help of provided tools.   Using the built-in effects you can add humor to the captured images or can put a hat on the head of your friends; there is a lot to do! But still, this device doesn’t offer the best image quality that we can get from other manufacturers at similar price.

Unfortunately, there is no facility for noise cancellation as that can be found in its elder sibling Microsoft LifeCam 1080p Studio. It usually catches many background noises creating distortions in the actual voice.

Price of Microsoft LifeCam Cinema 720p

Despite of its few cons, LifeCam cinema is worth of its price of $79.95 for design and image quality it offers. Indian users can buy it for 4340 INR. You can buy it from Microsoft or third-party retailer.

Do let us know your experience of this webcam in the comments below.

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