Microsoft launches Windows Phone Feedback Page

Microsoft very recently started rolling out the Mango update for consumers who own a Windows Phone 7 device. And unlike the NoDo update which featured a few glitches, this Mango update procedure was a smooth one with the end users being a happy lot. In fact, a prominent Google Developer also tweeted about ditching his iPhone very soon and buying a Windows Phone in the near future.

All said and done, Microsoft underlined the importance of end users when it launched a Customer Feedback page where Windows Phone users can express their thoughts about the mobile OS and offer suggestions on how to improve it. It may look akin to a forum but all the entries will be directly assessed and evaluated by the Microsoft Windows Phone Team.

Users can write about the features they feel are missing in their Windows Phone and once an idea is posted, others who feel the same, can vote on it. A large bank of votes on a particular post can presumably direct Microsoft on what to work on next. You can filter the list by what’s new, hot, accepted, completed and most liked.  Completed suggestions even get responses from Microsoft explaining what actions have been taken.

What’s interesting about this site is that after logging in, each member is given only 10 votes which they can distribute among the suggestions on the site.  You are free to change your votes around by moving them from one idea to the next, and your vote will be returned to you if the idea you vote on gets completed by Microsoft or deleted.

This is a pretty cool initiative that the Windows Phone team has taken and instead of posting on various forums or ranting about it, users can directly interact with Microsoft via this platform.

Have any feature suggestions to make about the Windows Phone platform? Like maybe you want a Call Blocker feature …? Start using the Customer Feedback for Windows Phone page right away!

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  1. Poprivet33

    Would like to add and change text alert, and have a timer for re alarming to remind you that you missed a text. Now short alarm and no re alarm.

  2. jimp

    I cannot read an mht file sent from Internet Explorer to my Lumia running Windows 8.

  3. Zachary

    Do you know how many apps I’m sacrificing since I own a Windows phone? I’m about to trash this phone and get a new android phone again. Let me know if you feel the same. My email is .

  4. sanjiv

    Dear microsoft team,
    Your product are toughen ,u r requested to low cost snapdragon 810 use compute stick with 4g and dual wi fi tigering hot spot with laptop all connection slot ,if arm devolp their hardware with 64 and 32 bit driver facility all of your application could work on 32bit 64bit both without checking label

  5. Hussam Mohammed El-Nabawy

    Ive windows ten insider
    I face a lot of problems really
    The dialing pad is too slow!!!!
    It keeps lagging!!!
    Why??? Fix this…
    Also the phone needs to be restarted from time to time to work probably…

    Microsoft internet explorer was faster than Microsoft edge
    I tried downloading others browsing apps… It still keeps lagging and have slow response

    I’m going to trash my phone because of this

    Lumia 920

  6. Vincent W

    Dude, if you’re running the insider preview version you have to expect bugs. Why are you so demanding of an unfinished product? If you’re not prepared to use an unfinished product, then the insider program is not for you.

    However, I also had the same problem you describe with the dial pad being too slow. I’ve had the same problem since I started installing the insider builds but there is an easy fix. The problem (along with many other problems) occurs if you load a backup copy of your phone when you go through the setup. If you start with a clean slate you will not have these problems.

    I recommend that you plug your phone into your computer and use the Windows Device Recovery Tool (which you can download from the store on your desktop, and roll back to the old firmware (8.1) then use the insider app on your phone to reinstall the latest insider build, but this time do not load a backup. Start with a clean slate and it will work beautifully.



  8. Ratnam Subramaniam

    Dear Microsoft Team,
    I just checked that Windows Phone in losing market share quarter on quarter. The Q3 2016 Windows Phone had less than 1% market share. If Microsoft want to turn around please contact me immediately

  9. slowslow

    What happened after the previous forced update? My phone (Lumia 950) was working perfectly fine beforehand, but then there was an update that couldn’t be avoided, it automatically took place in the middle of the night… After the update, my phone’s been significantly slower on showing sites that previously could be seen without downloading. Cannot understand.

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