Microsoft launches Mobile App Match website


  1. I was just using my pc and looking at my old MDA compact. I have now gone over to blackberry however one thing that would make me go back to windows mobile is if they intergrated it more with your pc as those are the two things we tend to spend a lot of time on.


    If my pc has a port allowing me to place my phone on it where it automaticaly synced with it without any wires but just bluetooth that would be cool.

    There must be a way to have an app for the pc and the phone that upon syncronising them, what i would normally see on my phone now appears in a window on my pc and the pc now has a pad i.e. like the numeric pads converted to mobile use when the phone is connected.


    1. Sorting out contact list.
    2. loading new data i.e. music, maps for gps, movies etc.
    3. Make calls or even use the phone as a wireless.

    There is a lot more tha can be done however just thinking, the windows mobile that craddles into a pc allowing both to become one that would be assume.



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