Wedge Touch, Sculpt Touch Mice and Keyboards for Windows 8 announced

As expected, in its latest attempt to drive more Windows 8 adoption, Microsoft today announced a new family of keyboards and mice, designed specifically for Windows 8.

The devices are intended to function as a set, i.e. a keyboard functioning in conjunction with the corresponding mouse. This includes,

  1. The Wedge Mobile Keyboard and Wedge Touch Mouse (1st set)
  2. Sculpt Mobile Keyboard and Sculpt Touch Mouse (2nd set)

Wedge Mobile Keyboard

The ultra-slim but full-sized keyboard comes with a durable cover which when removed turns-on the keyboard and shuts it down when snapped back.

The keyboard is light in weight and offers integrated support for the use of Hot Keys and media keys, just to make your keyboard experience on a Windows running tablet more interactive. Moreover, its cover can even be used as a tablet stand. It is expected to cost around $79.95.

Wedge Touch Mouse

The accompanying mouse features a 4 way-touch scrolling and a  Backpack Mode that forces the mouse to power down and ‘sleep’ along with the computer it’s paired to, thereby extending battery life. Also, Microsoft has incorporated Blue Track technology into the Wedge Touch mouse so that it can be used virtually on any surface. It looks kind of cute and has minimalist design, small enough to fit in your pockets! Estimated price is US$ 69.95.

Sculpt Mobile Keyboard

The curvier Sculpt keyboard on the other hand boasts an ergonomic design that helps position the hands and wrists in a natural and comfortable resting position. Plus, it includes Battery-saving feature that automatically powers the keyboard down into sleep mode when there is no activity noticed, for some time. A simple tap on any key, the keyboard wakes up and reconnects! It is expected to cost US$ 49.95.

Sculpt Touch Mouse

Sculpt touch mouse includes a 4 way touch-scroll strip, capable of detecting vertical and horizontal swipes. The vertical swipe over the touch-sensitive strip produces the same effect as seen and felt while rolling the mouse wheel (upwards/downwards) whereas, the horizontal motion over the strip induces scrolling into the Metro interface. To get your hands on this device you will have to shell out $ 49.95.

Two new keyboards with the corresponding mice would be made available via the Microsoft online store and registered Microsoft dealers, some time soon.

What so special about these devices?

Well, all of the above mentioned hardware accessories will include special keys & gestures, and be making use of Bluetooth (3.0) technology so; they will be completely free of wires and will USB ports available for other tasks.

For more information, visit here.

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