Microsoft introduces two new kinds of proofs for Hotmail account recovery


  1. my hotmail accout is block becouse someone sent junk mail please help to recover the my hotmail id.

  2. Microsoft has blocked my account, I have tried to retrieve my email back multiple times but it keeps saying I don’t have enough information? I have lost a whole days work because I cant even access my emails – is there a way to contact Microsoft? I have tried google and everything else and nothing is helping me and I am starting to become VERY frustrated.

  3. My Hotmail account has been blocked or suspends, I don’t know exact. After login account not able to see emails folder Inbox , sent box all the folder empty. please help to recover the emails

  4. Locked out of my Hotmail account. Tried multiple times for 2 weeks now, enough information to verify my account. Just got a new phone don’t have my old backup. Can somebody please suggest advice that would help me with this?

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